Friday, October 31, 2008


Tollo said this was a 'game post'. It was in the exact middle of nowhere.

Sometimes we would crawl on our hands and knees to get up close to the buffalo.

Game trails.

African Sunsets


This is some old lion bait that Alan cut down. It was a dried up husk of an elephant leg, but was probably once very appetizing.

Lion are hard to hunt; they're very nervy. This safari would have been boring if we had had to just sit and wait under a bush all night waiting for a lion to show up. Instead, we followed buffalo around on foot for hours and hours at a time, through thick forest and blasting humidity.


This is the airport we landed at in the bush.

Camp on the Luego

This is everyone who was at the camp. They were all awesome and friendly. 

We stayed right on the edge of the Luego River.

This rather sturdy building has to be strong enough to keep hyenas and other scavengers out. It's full of delicious dead animals!

Lema cutting up some jerky strips. The word for 'meat' in Swahili is 'nyama'.

Mbogo skull roasting away.

All the animals killed so far this season.


There were vultures circling almost immediately.

Anton removed the guts and squeezed the contents of the small intestine into an empty water bottle. He would later boil and drink the content. I wanted some but was too shy to ask.

A single bullet through the heart and lungs killed this impala.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Don't worry, folks! These people have never heard of Aryans!


Here is my dad at the Makonde Highway Strip Mall. The unassuming entrepreneur walking behind him would later burn us for tens of thousands of shillings in exchange for trinkets we could have bought at the airport for a fraction of the price.

They may look relaxed, but these men and many others (women, too) were toiling away furiosly carving elephants and coke bottles out of ebony.

I gave this man 1000 shillings for the right to take his picture. He seemed very happy, and his friends thought it was hilarious for some reason.


There were piles of fried sardines all over the place in Kariakoo market.

Father and Son

Everyone asked us if we were related.

Dar Es Salaam

Dar is growing at an incredible rate. Every building under construction uses sticks to keep the new floors up.

In the suburbs. This is what a condo park looks like in Tanzania. I wonder who lives there?

There were tons of identical furniture stores in Dar Es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania and the only one I visited.


This crap is everywhere.


Dubai was super polluted. The Burj Dubai, barely visible just under the wing, is the tallest building both in this photo and in the world.

Go daladala go!

Who can blade the most most with themselves?