Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is a buffalo tooth.

This is a lion claw that I bought from an intimidating man in the back of a hut after a sweaty and intense bargaining session. I came out of the hut with a bracelet made from elephant tail hair as well. Someone compared me to a slave trader for buying these probably illegal things. What do you think?

I packaged this stuff up with my father's trophies to be sent to the US. It's a bunch of shells, petrified wood, a vulture feather, a porcupine quill, and an African toothpick. I will probably never see these things again.

One day at lunch we collected a bunch of these seeds. They're called 'bomba kofi' and are used as playing pieces in some sort of African board game.

Eland skull

This is a elephant tusk we fount deep in the forest. Tollo, the park ranger, had to carry it for a couple of hours, taking it back to camp for anti-poaching purposes.

Porcupine quill

Paul had some Tanzanite. On the entire earth, Tanzanite is only found in a single mountain range in Tanzania, where Paul once worked with his brother. Dozens of miners die there every year.

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